Competitive Advantage, Future Plans and Prospects

Our hospitals are distinguished models of health care service providers with a complete line of medical services.

Competitive Advantage, Future Plans and Prospects

Future Plans

The environment in which the Company operates has changed significantly in the last few years. This includes the establishment of new medical services such as the Cardiac care center and the establishment of organizations such as the National Plan for Health Insurance.

The Company has established an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and Genetics Center at Mouwasat Hospital at Dammam which includes related additional technologies such as miscarriage clinic, genetics and future fertility-related developments.

In order to achieve its goals, the Company plans to change radically the way of provided care as part of the local health community. Some of the areas where changes are expected to occur are developing closer partnerships with other organizations in order to pursue a whole community approach to healthcare; offering the facility for all non-emergency patients to agree to a hospital appointment at their convenience; expanding the number of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals as well as extending roles to develop multi-disciplinary treatment pathways.

The Company's future plans include the following key targets to be achieved over the next five years:

  • Provide a complete range of primary health care services to the community

  • Obtain and maintain the international accreditation

  • Provision of pharmaceutical services with a regional reputation in quality

  • Expansion of services to become the leading health care provider in the region

  • Prepare the organization for a paperless system Increase the Company's market Share by 5%

  • Improve financial monitoring

  • Attract and retain qualified staff

Future Prospects

The company has developed an expansion plan to the existing facilities and for the establishment of new medical facilities in order to follow the future plans and to meet the growing demand on health care services in the Kingdom. In addition to establishing new specialized centers as required by the market needs in the future. The company carries out maintenance and full re-processing of medical facilities on a regular basis to maintain the distinctive level of services provided in their current locations. Company management seeks to extend the medical network to reach deep into the western region of Saudi Arabia through a detailed study of available opportunities in order to meet the growing demand for health care in the Kingdom.

Competitive Advantages

The management of the Company believes that Mouwasat has a number of competitive advantages and added values that distinguish its services from its competitors including the following:

Focused Business Strategy

The Company has a full understanding of Saudi Arabia's healthcare market potential and requirements, together with a focused business strategy to serve customer segments. This is being achieved through increased concentration on operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Good Profitability Level and Stable Financial Position

Given the steady growth and profitability of the Company and its stable financial position together with its strategic plan based on its actual and accurate understanding and analysis of the market where it operates, The Company has planned to establish a wide medical network that covers several geographic areas and several cities within the same area to consolidate its presence in the market of medical services.

Favorable Economic and Business Environment

The economic environment where the Company operates is ideal in terms of its population growth rate and increasing demand for medical services. Government authorities constantly provides support to private sector which encourage further increase in contribution to the national economy in general and promotes the standards of medical services. The Company is dedicated to utilize such favorable economic conditions.

Strong Reputation

The Company has successfully built a strong reputation over the past three decades due to the high quality medical services provided to its individual beneficiaries and corporate customers.

Wide Client Base

Saudi Aramco has been Mouwasat's client since 1996. The client list of Mouwasat also includes SABIC group of companies, General Organization of Social Insurance and all health Insurance network operating in Saudi Arabia.

Developed IT Systems Supported by Qualified Technical and Management Staff

The Company placed developed technology systems and high caliber of technical staff with international standard experience in all hospital management areas and medical services in general. The management team of the Company has extensive experience in all business areas related to the Company. The human caliber of the Company includes various nationalities and backgrounds that combine wide international and local experience. Mouwasat operates with a series of technical and management regulations and procedures that ensure optimum utilization of available resources and achievement of best results based on highly effective performance standards and indicators and implementation potential.

Joint Cooperation Agreements

The Company has had joint cooperation agreements made with a number of major international medical centers, which have substantial impact on excelling in the medical services provided by the Company to match those of international hospitals and medical centers. Continuous Efforts to Become Internationally Accredited Medical Center The Company has obtained the necessary international accreditation of its hospital network including JCI for quality assurance and compliance with world standards.

Comprehensive Services

The Company provides a wide range of medical services that ensure accommodating and serving all customers, and, consequently, supporting the Company capability to achieve stable income rates.

External Contracts Network

The Company has in place a wide external contract network covering most Arab countries, Europe, Africa and Canada, which has helped the Company in the recruitment of best human resources to work in its medical network.

Extensively Experienced Management Team

The management team of the Company has:

  • High qualification and competence in future planning in respect with the future demand on the medical services;

  • High capability in the management of the medical network to ensure high quality of provided services;

  • Extensive experience in the area of financial and information systems that widely help the management of planning and control programs;

  • Capability to utilize the modern facilities and methods in preparing prospects of the market volume and contribution percentage in both short and long terms through the medical networks.